Solar Crimping Tool LY-2546B A-2546B photovoltaic plug

Solar Crimping Tool


1000V 1500V MC4 Connector Crimping Tool

MC4 connectors mainly includes connecting the battery board, cables, and inverter to form a complete power generation route. MC4 connectors play an important role in connecting circuits and transmitting electrical energy in photovoltaic systems, and have a crucial impact on power generation efficiency and quality.


① High carbon steel pliers with strong crimping ability and easy operation
② Insulated handle for safer crimping
③ Can connect 2.5mm2-6mm2 photovoltaic lines
④ Preferred installation tool for 1000V/1500V system
⑤ Rebound design, user-friendly limit switch
⑥ Operable with one hand, well-designed


Model NoLY-2546B/A2546B
Insulation materialsPPO/PC
Rated Current30A/50A
Rated Voltage1000VDC
Test Voltage12KV(50Hz,Imin)
Connector contact resistance<0.5mΩ
Metal conductor materialsCopper, tin plated
Protection levelIP2X/IP68
security levelII
Flame retardant gradeUL94-V0
Upper temperature limit110°c
withdrawal force≥50N
Insertion force≤50N
Temperature range-40℃ to +85℃
Adapted wire specifications1.5~10mm²(16AWG~8AWG)

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