Two Core 1500V IEC131 62930 Solar Cable 2.5/4/6/10mm2


TUV PV2-F Solar photovoltaic cable

1500V TUV Rheinland 2PfG 1169 Solar Cable 1.5/2.5/4/6/10mm2

Photovoltaic cable is a special cable used in the field of solar power generation, such as solar power stations and rooftop photovoltaics. It connects solar photovoltaic panels and inverters to ensure the stable operation of the entire solar power generation system.


① Using high-quality tin plated pure copper
② Environmentally friendly flame-retardant insulation materials
③ Customizable 1.5mm2-10mm2 photovoltaic lines
④ Radiation technology ensures quality, making outdoor use safer
⑤ Quality assurance of pure copper tin plated material


Model No IEC131 62930   2.5/4/6/10mm2
Insulation materials XLPO
Rated Current
Rated Voltage 1500VDC
Test Voltage 16KV(50Hz,Imin)
Connector contact resistance <0.5mΩ
Metal conductor materials Copper, tin plated
Protection level IP2X/IP68
security level II
Flame retardant grade UL94-V0
Upper temperature limit 110°c
withdrawal force ≥50N
Insertion force ≤50N
Temperature range -40℃ to +85℃
Adapted wire specifications 1.5~10mm²(16AWG~8AWG)

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